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Are you making these mistakes with your direct response copy?

What is direct response copy? In a nutshell, it’s copywriting that communicates directly to the target customer with the intention of compelling them to take immediate action.

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Get some action with your direct response copy

If you need help with your direct marketing efforts, then this one’s for you. This blog reveals how to avoid the most common mistakes, so your direct marketing has a powerful effect.

1. Have you got a good headline? It should be attention grabbing and include the main benefit. You’ll need to be clever here with what you write so people want to read on. Otherwise, it’ll be off to the recycling bin before you’ve made your point.

2. Are you writing something useful? If not, then try again. It isn’t worth including unless it’s compelling. After all, who has the time to read something that isn’t worth our while? By understanding your target market and what makes them tick, you’ll have more appeal.

3. Are your benefits clear? Benefits are what people ultimately get from your features. Show why the reader needs to buy from you, and not from someone else.

4. Is the length right? Generally, people scan emails for anything of interest. Don’t expect them to read your entire message from start to finish, especially if it’s lengthy. Instead, make it succinct, and highlight keywords so it’s easy for a reader to see them. That way, they’ll know your email is relevant and read-worthy.

5. Have you made your call to action obvious? Do you want them to buy now? Sign up to your newsletter? Follow your socials? Be clear about what your reader should do next and make it easy for them to do it.

If you’re finding that your direct marketing efforts are not getting the outcome you want, then find a specialist marketing copywriter. They’ll craft some smashing direct copy so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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