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Copywriting FAQ

What does a copywriter actually do? Do you need a copywriter or not? How much does it cost?


You've got questions. I've got answers.



What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter creates engaging words, phrases and text (all otherwise known as 'copy') to help a business or person sell their products and services.

The best copywriters are those who put strategy behind the words. Not only are you saving valuable time by not writing everything yourself, you'll have the confidence that every word is there for a reason and working hard for you.

I’ll get your message out as concisely as possible, making sure your brand or professional personality shines through. When your business has consistent, compelling copy you'll have the best chance of success.


How do you charge for copywriting?

The benefit of hiring a freelancer is that you get great copy from an expert at an affordable rate without having me on your payroll. Flexibility at its finest.


There’s nothing hidden in my fees so you know what you’re getting from the very start. I work on a project basis, which means you pay per piece of work, not by the hour.


I’ll give you a firm quote and time frame so you can be sure of what you’re getting. My rates include revisions and proofreading. Contact me for a quote.


I don't charge by the word. If you’re after a quick piece of content and want to pay a few cents per word, then I’m not the copywriter for you (I won’t be offended if that's what you need). I take a quality over quantity approach. After all, you get what you pay for so don't blow it on cheap copy.

Not sure what you're after? Your first consultation is free. It’s a good opportunity for me to find out exactly what you need, and for you to work out if that's me. I’ll give you advice on the best strategies, how to make the most of my service, and what the investment will be. Contact me to get started.


How do you make the copy sound like me?

Tone of voice is a critical part of every job I do. After all, there's nothing worse than getting copy that doesn't sound like your business or doesn't appeal to your customers. You'll want your brand personality to shine through in every word so people can almost hear you speaking as they read. 

By taking an accurate brief and asking the right questions, I'll make sure you receive copy with your unique tone of voice.

I also create Tone of Voice guides for some clients, which is a great tool to have on hand for when you need to keep everything consistent.


why is good copywriting important?

Good copy gets you found and remembered.

Copywriting affects how your customers and potential customers perceive you, and ultimately whether you will make a sale. It plays a vital role in your marketing strategy and customer experience. With consistently good copy, you're able to build authority and trust so customers know you're worth their time and money.

It isn't about how much you write. It's what you write that counts.


These days, people have short attention spans and little patience for reading boring or lengthy copy. It's important to keep readers engaged with relevant messages and appealing calls to action. 

For some free tips on how to write your own copy, head on over to my blog.


what industries do you write for?

I work with clients across a range of industries in Australia and overseas. 

My work is very diverse. Here are some of the industries I've written for:

 - Financial services 

- Technology and Saas/Xaas 

- Property & real estate

- Industrial goods

- Health, pharmaceuticals and wellness

- Aged care

- Consulting 

- Human resources

- Interior design

Want to see some of my work? Contact me and I'll send you through some examples.

ready to put your copy in expert hands?

Send me an enquiry and I'll respond within one business day


Your first consult is FREE

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